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Build Career Skills

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Intro: Build your Skills
The English Channel: Build your Skills is the ideal platform for new entrepreneurs, those entering the world of work, and for all who want to expand their knowledge and skills.
"Don't do it on your own, get as much support as you possibly can."
Witness Sessions: Social entrepreneurs giving testimony about what it’s really like to start and grow social organisations.
Tomas Diez, from Fab Lab Barcelona talks about the potential in open hardware and the maker movement as a driver for digital social innovation, and how it helped him and his co-founders to develop the Smart Citizen Kit, a tool that enables citizens to measure and share their own environmental data.
"I've got a three-year-old boy and actually the ability to spend time with him is really, really important to me."
"How can you run a business if you don't have a plan of what it is you're going to do?"
The Career Pack
Tips and insights into how to start your own business and build a career
The Entrepreneur Pack explores ways of starting your own business, including raising funding for a start-up business and tips on pitching your business idea.
Skills Builder
The Skills Builder Pack offers different advice; from finding work-life balance to how to make better decisions
Communication is not just about how you present yourself to others, but also how you talk to yourself. Either way, The English Channel has what you need
New ideas don't just appear; sometimes they need a little help. And when you do get them, what should you do with them?
Life and work can be a struggle. Here we've collected some videos on how to overcome obstacles, get motivated, and get you moving toward your goals
The Finance Pack aims to improve your financial literacy by offering tips from budgeting to money saving, because money matters!
Create Pack
The Create Pack explores ways of building your brand and developing your business idea

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