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English Arts: Intro
The best way to improve your English is to listen to the language being used in real situations by real people, and there are few better situations than contemporary UK and Anglophone Arts
Filmed over the course of a day from the top of Cromwell Tower, one of three residential towers on the Barbican estate, Skydweller combines over 5,000 photographs in a stunning timelapse of the view across London.
Painter and sculptor Maggi Hambling CBE sounds like a typical member of the arts establishment, but she has been a controversial figure for much of her professional life. Her public sculptures dedicated to Benjamin Britten and Oscar Wilde attracted as much criticism as praise, and here she talks about her beginnings as an artist and how she approaches the creative process.
Endurance Test: Pushing the Limits of Mind and Body
Lost Angeles-based filmmaker and dancer Jo Roy responds to Stephen Fry’s tongue-in-cheek rant on his aversion to dance
From complete short films from up and coming directors and writers, to trailers for feature films: experience the magic of the cinema with The English Channel
From painting to sculpture to innovative video installations, UK Arts have a lot to offer. Here's our curated pick of the best
From classic to contemporary - get moving with The English Channel
Interesting conversations with interesting people, and of course, with lots of interesting language!
A look into the lives, projects and stories of others
The best of contemporary UK music from The English Channel
Images can be powerful, beautiful, and haunting. Here The English Channel presents films, thoughts, and interviews about the art of photography
Whether you are interested in interior design, landscaping, or architecture, The English Channel has got the best content on design to offer you
Autobiographical stories, lifestyle, and arts from the LGBT community

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