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Is Contemporary Art Rubbish?

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Skip Gallery have teamed up with renowned Young British Artist, Gavin Turk. Turk normally resides at Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery. However here his work is resigned to the lowly lows of a skip. Through his staple themes of authenticity and authorship, he has created a one-off work showcasing the tongue-in-cheek nature the Skip Gallery evokes.


Here Gavin gives us the lowdown on the meaning behind his artwork 'Transubstantiation'. While providing a humorous commentary on consumerism, he likens Skips crisps to the little pieces of bread you get in church that represent Jesus. The meaning of the word 'transubstantiation' is exactly that, the conversion of substance to embody the being of Christ at the consecration.

Skip Gallery was created by co-founders and creative partners, Catherine Borowski and Lee Baker, two London-based artists who take the mundane and every day and try to re-imagine them in new situations.

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