Choke: When jealousy kills | The English Channel
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Choke: When jealousy kills

Frantic Assembly

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Canvas is excited to announce a thrilling new collaboration between Frantic Assembly and film-maker Johnny Kenton.

Frantic Othello is inspired by Frantic Assembly's electrifying take on Othello, Shakespeare's most brutal thriller-tragedy of paranoia, jealousy, sex and murder.

Award-winning theatre company, Frantic Assembly, have been influencing contemporary theatre-making for 24 years and have toured extensively across Great Britain and collaborating internationally with some of today’s most inspiring artists. Current productions include Fatherland and Things I Know to Be True.

Co-directed by Johnny Kenton and Scott Graham (Artistic Director, Frantic Assembly), this exciting and original cross art-form collaboration brings the blistering physicality of Frantic Assembly’s Othello to the screen.

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