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KDV Dance Ensemble

An intimate look at a dance work-in-progress in Berlin

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KDV Dance Ensemble by choreographer Kiani del Valle, featuring ten dancers in Berlin rehearsing her routine for Floating Points video “Nespole” and music from LANDO.


Dancer and choreographer Kiani del Valle, who works between London and Berlin, has chalked up extensive experience on film sets and now records her practice as a way to capture “raw process.” Here the dancers in her ensemble are learning the choreography from the video for "Nespole" by English electronic outfit Floating Points, which features de Valle, as well as working on an original piece with music by LANDO. “As one of eight dance films I’m planning to shoot over the coming year, I filmed a rehearsal with ten great dancers I’ve been working with from Berlin,” she explains about this portrait of technique, inspiration and team dynamics.

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