Great Gardens: Glin Castle | The English Channel
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Great Gardens: Glin Castle

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The FitzGeralds give a tour of the property their family has occupied for over 700 years.


Tucked away along the south-western Irish coast in County Limerick lies Glin Castle, an over-700-year-old property that has only ever been occupied by a single family — the FitzGeralds.

Built as the home of the Knight of Glin—otherwise known as the Black Knight, a hereditary once-noble position—the historic property is now overseen by the keen eye of Catherine FitzGerald, a London-based landscape architect who has returned the castle gardens to their former glory. 

Here, the family invite London-based director Stella Scott, known for her work for British Vogue, Gucci and Tate, for a tour of the green windswept grounds.

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