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Project Refuge/e

In art we are closer to the refugee struggle

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Georgia Haseldine and Pete Target are two members of the Amp Art Collective responsible for the creation of Project Refuge/e. The project transports a shelter from Lebanon made from a UNHCR 'new arrivals kit' and local materials into the Southbank Centre as part of MIA's Meltdown Festival. Inside the shelter, you are confronted by plaster and brass castings of possessions typically found in such dwellings, while all the time narration from other refugees tells the story of day-to-day living and displaced family life in the camps. The project has toured to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Millennium Gallery Sheffield and Baltic in Gateshead.


As well as the work involved in the construction of the Shelter and the sourcing of materials, there was a huge research process that saw the collective visit several informed settlements and collective shelters. There, they conducted in-depth interviews with displaced Syrian families and commissioned Lebanese craftsmen as well as ran casting workshops with Syrian teenagers, to create the plaster and brass castings for inside the shelter.

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