Max Lamb: Exercises in Seating. | The English Channel

Max Lamb: Exercises in Seating.

The humble seat, in its endless iterations, has continued to occupy the minds of designers and furniture makers for centuries. Here, the everyday furnishing is celebrated in an exhibition from British designer Max Lamb.

The research-based works in the show are arranged in a ‘seat circle’ – not dissimilar to a contemporary Stonehenge – as Lamb revels in playing both sculptor and craftsman, confidently blurring the line between design and art. 

“The exhibition is a ‘retro-future-spective’: a neologism to say that, while the show includes many of Max’s past projects, they're not dead in the past but they are still being rethought and reworked into new pieces,” says curator Federica Sala. “The practice is at the center of Max's work, and each time he finds new solutions or new techniques, he goes back to rethinking past projects into new ones. He’s really a contemporary homo faber, in that his work shows the power of the connection between the mind and the hand.”