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Performing for the Camera


Adwoa Aboah knows all about performing for the camera. Growing up in London the daughter of one of the world’s foremost talent agents, Camilla Lowther, and modeling from age 12, the LA-based campaigner is no stranger to the critical eye.

A new film for Tate Modern's exhibition Performing for the Camera sees Aboah revisit themes covered in recent YouTube series What’s Underneath, a project which saw her bare all—emotionally and sartorially—as she discussed her experiences with drug addiction and mental illness. 

This year Aboah launched Gurls Talk, an Instagram initiative for young women to discuss wide-ranging issues. Here, prompted by Spanish artist Amalia Ulman's work Excellences & Perfections (part of Tate's exhibition), she reflects on the pressures of public image in the digital age.